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What are Cookie Dough Chunk Built Bars?

I had a couple of people message me who haven’t had Cookie Dough Chunk before. If you are one of those people, these photos are for you!!

This is a pretty typical bar, I counted 10 chunks on the top. Some have more, some have less. It’s like buying a chocolate cookie from the bakery, you never know how many chunks you’ll get.

As you can see the chunks are on the very top and covered with lashings of chocolate.

I cut the bar open so you can see inside. The chunks are all the way along. These are real cookie dough chunks, you get the gritty raw cookie dough taste in every bite.

These taste like they should be really high calorie! For the entire bar it’s 150 calories and in the you get 15g of quality whey protein! If you follow WW, they are 4SP on any plan!?

What do they taste like? Absolutely fabulous, as amazing as they look!

These are available in 18 bar boxes while stocks last (plus get 10% off with the code LOUISE2020 at

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