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You’ve Got Questions — I’ve Got Answers

How are you able to have a 10% discount code?

As a Built Bar Brand Ambassador, Built Bar has given me a discount code for 10% of your entire order. I am allowed to share. My URL that gives 10% is Referral Link  alternatively you can type in Discount Code LOUISE2020 when you checkout!

Do you know of new products and sales ahead of time?

Sometimes I am told ahead of time, but I have to keep it to myself. I share the information as soon as I am allowed.

How often do you update the offers?

I update this website whenever the Built Bar offers change (start or end). Sometimes this can be as often as every 2 or 3 days. As soon as a deal has ended, I move it to the completed section!

If I want to talk to Built about my order who do I contact?

For any questions about your order you can email Built

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