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What are Built’s New Crave Bars?

These are a new line of bars that contain peanut pieces and are caramel flavoured. They taste like a Snickers bar, but without the gooey caramel. The caramel is mixed into the bar!

Think a Snickers bar, but with a healthy twist.

The Nutritional Information

These are 5 Points on the new WW plan. They contain nuts, milk and soy. They are, however, gluten free! The best part, they contain 17g of protein!

How are Built Crave Bars Packaged?

These bars will be sold in a 12 pack for the price of $29.95. You can get 10% off this price by entering the code LOUISE2020 when you check out.

How Long Will Built’s Crave Bars Be Available For?

These bars will be available from 12:01 AM MST on Tuesday morning (January 4th) until they sell out. Built normally make enough to last about 3 days, but flavors that are popular always sell out faster!

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