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SOLD OUT: New Mud Pie Built Bars & Mud Pie Built Puffs Coming Thursday!

Updated: Jun 23, 2022

COMING THURSDAY: Built Bar’s newest flavors Mud Pie Puffs and Mud Pie Bars!

The New Mud Pie Puff is a softer puff, like birthday cake and it’s delicious! Covered in cookie crumbs which adds extra flavor and texture. It’s a rich chocolately marshmallow that uses the same cocoa beans that are in Oreos! It is similar to a Brownie Batter Puff, but more chocolatey (probably the cocoa beans!!)!

The new Mud Pie Bar is also covered in cookie crumb! This bar is lighter inside than regular bars, less sticky a filling. It’s chewy, but doesn’t stick to your teeth. It taste like chocolate pudding and the cookie crumb takes it to a whole new level! This bar also uses the same cocoa beans that are in Oreos, which is why it’s chocolatey and it gives a totally new Built experience!

As always, entering the code LOUISE2020 or clicking will give you 10% off when you checkout!



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