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SOLD OUT: White Chocolate Shamrock Built Bar is Coming, Samples Available Now!!

Updated: Feb 25, 2022

New White Chocolate Built Bar Samples

New Sample Flavor when you check out and it’s white chocolate. I’m guessing this Flavor will be released soon!!

What Flavor is the New White Chocolate Shamrock Built Bar?

Looking at the picture this looks like it’s a mint and cookie inside, white chocolate on the outside!

When is this new White Chocolate Shamrock Built Bar Being Released?

St Paddy’s Day is March 17, so I’m expecting these to be released around then! Although, this is just my educated guess and Built hasn't said anything yet!

To get the Sample of White Chocolate Shamrock Built Bar

Add a box of bars to your cart that are not in the current sale. The sample of White Chocolate Shamrock offer pops up, add it to your cart. Go into your cart and remove the box of bars you added. You can increase the number of packs of White Chocolate Shamrock if you want (each pack has 3 bars)!

Shipping your Samples

Shippng is always free in the USA and free over $25 to Canada.

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