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OVER: Built Bar Site Sale Next Tuesday!!

Updated: Jan 6, 2022

Happy Christmas Eve! Those of you who’ve been on this group a while know I’m a number cruncher and an analytical thinker. I was looking at the bars and puffs and I thought I’d share my thoughts!

The Prices

These are the prices including the site sale and using code LOUISE2020 for next Tuesday:

18ct bars will be $24.16 ($1.34 bar)

12ct bars will be $16.40 ($1.37 a bar)

12ct puffs will be $18.22 ($1.52 a bar)

Built Bar and Puffs Flavors

Let’s look at the flavors:

Gingerbread, Candy Cane and Eggnog are definitely seasonal and won’t be back until next winter, if you want these it’s probably your last chance for 11-12 months!

Pumpkin Puffs, these are left over from Halloween. These won’t be released again for probably at least 9 months!

The other limited editions, once they’ve sold out it could be a few months before a rerun is done (assuming Built wants to and there is the demand).

The regular flavors are always around, so you can always buy them, but not at these prices. If there are flavors you always eat, it’s worth getting these when the prices are so good!




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