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Reviewing the 3 Candy Cane Products!

So for lunch today, I did a candy cane taste test!

Candy Cane Granola Bar (white chocolate): This is the only one that is not gluten free. I’m surprised there wasn’t candy cane on the top. I cut it open to try and it’s a deep pink in colour! When you eat it, it tastes of candy cane. I think because mint is a stronger flavour, the granola is lost in there. It reminded me a bit of shredded coconut! I missed the candy cane bits!

Candy Cane Bar: It looked and tasted just like I remembered. There were more candy cane pieces, but I knocked them off getting it out of the wrapper (so I was obliged to eat them)! This was a rich chocolatey mint like I remembered l, with the crunch of candy cane that I love.

Candy Cane Puff: Oh my goodness it’s good, it’s a chewier puff (think banana cream pie), and so many sprinkles. This is a good addition to the puffs family!

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