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SOLD OUT: Raspberry Lemonade Flavor Launches Midnight MDT Tonight!

Updated: Jul 14, 2022

Coming on 4 th July, (from Midnight MDT Tonght) a new bar! RASPBERRY LEMONADE BUILT BAR! The macros are listed below!!

Use code LOUISE2020 or click to get 10% off when you checkout.

This bar combines two summertime favorites: REAL raspberries and lemonade!

Covered in delicious lemon coating, and made with actual raspberries!

It’s sounds like the coating will be lemon flavoured white chocolate!!

This bar is covered in a lemon flavoured white chocolate (similar to the lemon dipped cheesecake puffs a few months back).

This bar is gluten free and nut free, it does contain milk and soy!


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