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Raspberry Built Bar, a Core Flavor!

Sometimes I just have to loop back and try the original core flavors! In 5 years of eating so many different flavors, I sometimes overlook the faithful core flavors.

Today I had a raspberry bar and I love these. Only 130 calories, 17g whey protein and 3 points if you’re following WW.

These have Built’s delicious trademark dark chocolate. The inside is raspberry flavored and it has none of the seeds that drive people nuts. The flavor is good, but not overpowering!

The bar is chewy in texture, this is developed this way to help make you feel fuller when you eat them!

You can get 10% off with code LOUISE2020 !

Or simply click my link to automatically apply the discount:

If you've received a better code from Built, please use my link to access their website and enter the code at checkout. That way, you can still get the best price, and Built can see that I directed you to their website.

Thank you so much for using my link/code! 😍


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