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Raspberry Almond Granola Bar Review!

My Raspberry Almond Granola Bars were just delivered!

Oh my goodness, they are so good. If you loved the Berry granola bars, you’ll love these!

I bought these because I saw dried cranberries on the ingredients. There are no big pieces, they must be mixed in. The same with the raspberries, I didn’t come across any seeds!!

I can taste the cranberry and the raspberry, but not the almond. If it wasn’t written on the wrapper, I wouldn’t have known they were there!

These taste so good, I bought 3 boxes and I was hoping I wouldn’t regret it, and I don’t!

I give these a nine out of ten, only because I want to save space in case something else new comes out.

At the moment you can get an extra 5% off if you order at least 2 boxes.

If you order 2 boxes, you get an option to add collagen peptides powder (3 flavors). If you buy this, you will get 15% off your basket!

Code LOUISE2020 stacks and saves 10% on top of the deals above!

Alternatively, you can use the link below:

If Built has emailed you a better code, can you please use my link to get to the website, then enter the code when you checkout. That way you get the best price and built can see that I directed you to their website! Thank you

Thank you to everyone who uses my code or link 🥰

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