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Nut Flavoured Built Bars Temporarily Retired!

Available Until: Monday 21 June 2021

TEMPORARY FLAVOUR RETIREMENT: I've just been told that Built are making some changes to their production lines. This is improve the efficiency and running of their facility.

When they switch flavours it takes approx. 6 hours to clean and sanitize everything. When they switch from a nut flavour to a nut-free flavour, it takes a lot longer!

While they are making these changes, they will only be making nut-free flavours. This means that Coconut Almond and Peanut Butter Brownie, will be retired on Monday, June 21!

This isn’t permanent, but it will be for a few months.

So if these are your favourite flavours, please get them while you can!!

We were told that they would be available in build your own box, one as selection one and the other as selection two. But we do not know how long those will last!

Use or when you checkout add the code LOUISE2020 to get 10% off! This code is multi-use, so you can save it and use it time and time again!

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