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SOLD OUT: NEW Pumpkin Cookie Chunk Puff Checkout Offer!

Updated: Nov 26, 2023

NEW CHECKOUT OFFER: Buy Pumpkin Cookie Chunk PUFFS ahead of their release this Thursday (12:01 AM MDT)

Use code LOUISE2020 to save 10% off your entire cart! Or you can use my link and it does it for you:

That way Built can see that I directed you to their website.

These are covered in white crème, this tastes the same as white chocolate, it just uses a different fat (so the coating has a higher melting point)!

If these are all that you want, add anything to your cart. Go to checkout and add the Pumpkin Cookie Chunk Puffs and then remove the first thing you added. Then you can buy only these bars, and as many boxes as you want!

Thank you so much for using my link! 😍


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