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New Fruity Cereal Bar on the September Sale Page!

HURRY, Built accidentally added unreleased Fruity Cereal BAR to the SEPTEMBER SALE on limited edition flavours, see below! Save 35% when you buy 4 boxes or more!

Please click my link to get there:

Type “September” in the search field or press enter. All the flavors displayed on that page are included!!

Get them early and for up to 35% off. These will probably be removed when they realize!!!

See the discounts below! The flavors it includes are in the images below!!


Buy 1 Box = Get 10% OFF

Buy 2 Boxes = Get 20% OFF

Buy 3 Boxes = Get 25% OFF

Buy 4 or More Boxes = Get 35% OFF

How much it costs you:

1 box = $26.99 a box (equivalent to $2.25 a bar)

2 boxes = $23.99 a box (equivalent to $2.00 a bar)

3 boxes = $22.49 a box (equivalent to $1.87 a bar)

4+ boxes = $19.49 a box (equivalent to $1.62 a bar)

There are no further discounts, sorry. This is an amazing deal!!

Thank you to everyone who uses my link. It shows Built that I’m promoting them and that I direct people to their website 🥰


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