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Mixed Box Flavor Explosions - Cherry Barcia!!

It’s so long since I’ve tried some of the regular flavors, I’ve decided to revisit them by buying a mixed box!

Cherry Barcia is the first flavor I tried from the mixed box!

It’s still a squarish shape, but the corners are slightly rounded. This bar is 130 calories and 3 points for anyone following WW.

The label says it should be 49g, I put it on the scales and it was 50g. I zeroed the scale after I put the paper towel on it!

The flavor is the rich chocolatey cherry that I’ve had before. They still contain real dried cherries, these must be blended in because I didn’t find any bits, but the real flavor is still there!

Do I still love cherry, yes I do, anything cherry is always my on my favorite list!!


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