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SOLD OUT: Brownie Batter Built Puffs & Checkout Offer Yellow Chirps Mini Built Puffs

Updated: Mar 28, 2022

Built Bar Brownie Batter Puffs

Brownie Batter Puffs are now available, these are a new flavour. These contain 17g protein and are 4 points for anyone following WW.

these come in a 12 pack and are $29.95 (discount code LOUISE2020 will give you 10%. puffs contain collagen protein, so not only do they taste awesome, they’re good for your hair, skin and nails

Get 10% of Built’s Brownie Batter Puffs

Use the code LOUISE2020 when you checkout or click. to get 10% off!

Try a Sample of Built’s Next New Flavor: Mini Yellow Chirp Puffs

BONUS: when you buy these, there will be another checkout offer to try Built’s new Mini Yellow Chirp Puffs. The checkout offer is an 8 pack of these mini puffs. These are a mild lemon flavor and they are coated with white chocolate!

The Yellow Chirps Mini Puffs are 80 calories and contain 8g protein. These are 3 points for WW Canada and 4 points for WW USA!

To go to Built’s website, click here!

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