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SOLD OUT: COUGARTAIL Built Puffs Released for Charity!

Updated: Oct 21, 2022

Built has this new CougarTail Puffs flavor on their website, no discounts are available. I asked what it tastes like and I was told, “I like maple and it tastes like homemade caramel corn to me.”

This Maple Cougartail bar is a local collaboration with BYU and local charities who are getting 15% of the proceeds from all sale of this flavor!

If you are interested In it and supporting charity, I encourage you to try a box. If you can use my link, I’d appreciate it as it shows I am actively promoting:

I haven’t tried it, this is how it is described:

Rise and shout the BUILT COUGARTAILS are out! With 17g protein, 150 calories and delicious maple chocolate coating, this COUGARTAIL is along the trail to fame and glory! Now everyone can have the full stadium experience!

Inspiration for COUGARTAIL comes from a 16” maple bar donut that has fans waiting in concession lines long before the game even starts. Built has joined with BYU and made a protein bar that makes every day feel like game day!

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