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Cookie Dough and Coconut Brownie Bars!!

OK, so my samples arrived! I know we’ve all been begging for Coconut Brownie Chunk bar and Cookie Dough Chunk bars, so I though I’d show you those first!

The ”chunk” has been taken out of the names because there are no longer chunks, no it’s not mixed in either. They listened to feedback about the variations in the number of chunks … there is now a huge strip of cookie dough down the Cookie Dough Bar and a huge strip of brownie down the Coconut Brownie Bar!

These are just as good as I remember them, it was like saying hello to an old friend!

These are two of the 6 boxes in the VIP Bundle, available until November! Use this link to get early access to the bundle: and enter code LOUISE2020 to save you 10%.

These will be available for sale in individual boxes from Monday, November 14.

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