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Sale over: Churro Puffs Back Midnight MST Tonight: 15% plus another 10% off!

Updated: Jan 21, 2022

Churro Puffs are Returning!

UPDATE: The sale is over, but Churro puffs are still available on Built’s website!

Churro Puffs are returning at Midnight MST tonight (12:01 AM MST), Tuesday 28 January.

Churro Puffs Details

These will be sold in a 12 pack for $25.46 which is 15% off the regular price.

These puffs are gluten free, but they do contain milk and soy!

Discount on Churro Puffs

The churro puffs will have 15% off and code LOUISE2020 will get you another 10% off, or click this link and it does it for you!

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