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Built Seem to be Making a Lot of Changes

Boxes of Built Bars and Built Puffs

The boxes of bars and puffs are switching to 12 bar boxes (they used to contain 18 bars). This change has been made following customer feedback that the 18 bar boxes were too big.

I should imagine that they’ll use up their supply of 18 ct boxes, and then move to 12 ct ones when they reorder them.

The price has been reduced to $29.95 to reflect that the boxes now have 6 less bars!

Mixed Boxes of Built Bars

These have been changed to a 12 count, they were 18 ct, 2 bars of 9 different flavors.

The 12 ct box contains 12 different flavors, including Coconut, Churro and Banana Cream Pie Puffs!

Which Built Puffs Are Permanent?

At the moment only Coconut Puffs are “officially” permanent. But why would you put Churro and Banana Cream Pie Puffs in a mixed box, if they aren’t permanent? The speculator in me thinks that these will be added to the permanent list soon! I haven’t been told anything by Built, that is just what makes the most sense to me!

Built Bites Have Been Discontinued

These were a stable for those following healthy eating and fitness plans. For those following WW they were the perfect 2 point snack.

Built brought out Candy Cane Stix in December. Stix are the same weight as a bite, just a different shape. If you didn’t try them, they are like a single Twix stick. This shape was very popular and sold out quickly. To be honest, it was a much nicer shape to eat than a Bite.

My thoughts here are that Built won’t leave a 2 point snack gap. My speculating here thinks that Stix will be available at some point, in other Flavors!

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