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OVER: ITS LIVE HURRY - Built Seconds Sale Saturday!

Updated: Jan 6, 2022


You can stack a code as well, but you have to type it in, LOUISE2020 and will give you 10% of the discounted price!

Have the URL and the code handy so you know where to go and how to get the best price!

OK, strategy:

They are going to be selling seconds of things they have released lately (hello - CANDY CANE STIX!!). Things sell out fast!

Having something in your basket does NOT hold it for you. Pick the Flavor you want the most, select it and checkout. Don’t look to add other flavours as things can sell out while you are looking! Shipping is free (over $25 spent if in Canada). Get what you really want, checkout and then go back as necessary!! Sometimes the site goes live early, by the time the email is received, some flavours have already gone. Check the site early, I really want to bag the candy cane Stix, so I’ll be looking (laptop on knee, watching a movie)!! We know it’s late! Built don’t normally give a time, it’s usually in the middle of the day and they send an email when it starts. You know the time, watch for the page to be updated. Built sent out an email to register for early access to the seconds sale. That email went out to tens of thousands of people. By the time you see it, so have a LOT of other people. I refer you to my comment above, be there watching the site going live and get in before the email goes out!! This will be updated as and when we get more information. I have posted the times in an image as we are all spread across North America!!

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