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OVER: Built's Phenomenal Site Sale Ends Today!

Updated: Jan 6, 2022

This Phenomenal Built Bar Site Sale Ends: Friday, December 31 `11:59 PM MST

22% discount off everything on Built's site! On top of that, there will be an additional 22% off the sale price with code LOUISE2020!

This means that it will be 40% off everything on the website!​

Amazing Deals!

Here are the prices after the 22% sale price and the 22% taken off for using code LOUISE2020:

  • 18ct boxes bars $24.16 ($1.34 bar)

  • 12ct boxes bars $16.40 ($1.37 bar)

  • 12ct boxes puffs $18.22 ($1.52 bar)

  • 40ct boxes bites $24.15 ($0.60 per bite)

  • 18ct Boost $9.10 ($0.51 a sachet)

  • 10ct Broth $9.10 ($0.91 a sachet)

This sale lasts until New Year's Day!

A great deal of you want stock up on bars, bites, puffs and boost etc!

Get More Discount!

Use code LOUISE2020 for 22% off or click this link and it does it for you!

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