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Built has Addressed ALL the Shipping Feedback!

You have probably noticed that Built was very quite for the first half of June? They heard all the comments made about shipping, the delays and the time to receive your orders.

Built has been working really hard to address all this feedback and that is why promotions were suspended while they looked at all the concerns and feedback. Built listened to their customers, how awesome is that! I for one say thank you for thinking of your customers and their satisfaction, rather than just your bottom line! I wish more companies would be so receptive to customer feedback, they could all learn a lesson from Built!

They now have it so that orders will be shipped in 24-48 hours from being placed. Please be mindful that shipping only work Monday to Friday, if you place an order on Saturday morning (or even late on Friday), it won't be looked at before Monday!

Fun Fact: When Built has a promotion on, they can receive up to 65,000 orders in 24 hours! That isn't sales of 65,000 boxes, that is orders and many contain purchases of multiple boxes. Now we start to understand the magnitude of the shipping issue!

Part of the problem is that Built is a very new company and they have become successful very quickly. They are scaling up to meet the orders from their customers and unfortunately the shipping slipped behind.

They took a step back and listened to all the comments and feedback and worked to make this right for their customers, because they really do care!

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This code stacks with any sales or discounts that are already on the Built Bar website!

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