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Built Bars: Which Cherry Flavour is Best?

I thought I would take this opportunity to review the cherry flavoured Built Bars. Cherry Barcia are a regular flavour (available in bars and bites), White Chocolate Cherry Sunday is a limited Edition flavour (the bars have sold out, but they are going to be available as bites as part of Built's 12 days of Christmas deals (Saturday, December 19 and Sunday, December 20)!

Cherry Barcia are already a favorite of mine, so I have been stalking FedEx to get my hands on the White Chocolate Cherry Sunday!

The Nutrition

  • Cherry Barcia: 130 calories, 17g protein and 4g sugar.

  • White Chocolate Cherry Sundae: 130 calories, 17g protein and 4g sugar.

They are both the same! For those following WW (formerly Weight Watchers) this makes them 3 SP on the Green, Blue and Purple programs.

The Look

There is the obvious differences. Cherry Barcia is dark chocolate and Cherry Sundae is white chocolate. From appearances the inside looks the same, but it isn't, read on for more information:

The Flavour

Cherry Barcia: The cherry Barcia has the dark chocolate flavour and a rich decadent cherry filling. What I really like about this flavour is the cherry pieces in the filling, not many flavours have that, but it makes the bar seem more substantial and filling. It is also a thick chunky bar, somehow that also makes it feel bigger (even though it is narrower than its white chocolate sister)!

White Chocolate Cherry Sundae: Before you even bite into this bar because of the white chocolate you know that it is going to be something very special! White chocolate always has a feel of luxury and this bar is no exception. The flavour of the inside is smoother and more toned than the Barcia, think cherries and ice cream. There is a definite undertone of vanilla which blends perfectly with the cherry. I was going to say that there are no pieces (unlike the Barcia), but in the bar in the pictures, I found some. There aren't as many, but they are there!

Which One is For You?

If you like dark chocolate, a stronger cherry flavour, something more substantial to bite into and a more chunky shaped bar, Cherry Barcia is for you! If you prefer white chocolate, a milder cherry flavour, an inside that is smoother and less "bitty" and you like the flavour of vanilla (let's be honest, who doesn't), White Chocolate Cherry Sunday is for you! My Opinion I love them both, they are different and I don't have to choose!

Need more Built Bars?

If you need more Built Bars use or the code LOUISE2020 to get 10% off your entire order! This code works on top of any discounts already displayed on the Built Bar website. Shipping is free in the USA and free to Canada for orders over USD$25. #builtbar #imbuilt

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