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50% Off Collagen Peptides and Other Deals!!

Today’s deal is a treble one!

PLEASE, can you please still use my link to get to Built’s website. That way you get the best price and Built can see that I directed you to their website! Unfortunately my code doesn’t stack at all with these 🥲

Collagen peptides are 50% off, chocolate and unflavoured only; $14.99 a pack!

If you buy a box of bars/puffs and you have peptides in your cart (or you add peptides to your cart), you get $4 off your bars (see image below). You get $4 off for each packet of peptides (once per box).

Also when you add bars or puffs to your cart, you get a coconut puffs for $19.99 pop up offer. This pops up every time I added a box (I think this might be a mistake and eventually it will pop up only once).

Thank you for using my link it shows Built that I directed you to their website! 🥰


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