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The 5 New Flavors for this week!

Here is all the nutritional information for the 5 new flavors!

(Black Friday) Ruby Cheesecake Puff: This puff is truly the star of the show. Flavored with lemon and raspberry to bring out the unique and completely natural flavor and color of the ruby chocolate so that eating this puff is a one of a kind experience.

(Black Friday) Lemon Dipped Cheesecake Puff:Lemon lovers unite! This puff is everything you've ever dreamed of and more. Both lemon flavored and coated in a smooth lemon coating it is simply delightful.

(Cyber Monday) Caramel Almond Delight Bar: This bar is coated in a very unique caramelized chocolate that makes the experience of eating this bar out of this world. The caramel flavor of this bar mixed with almond pieces is a match made in heaven.

(Cyber Monday) White Chocolate Cheesecake Puff: White chocolate is always a hit and this is our very first puff to be coated in white chocolate! With the classic cheesecake taste this puff is really going to be a hit.

(Free with every order) Crave Bar: The Built Crave bar is a brand new experience. Our lab has been working hard on creating a bar that really truly feels like you're eating a candy bar - sweet stuff included. Caramel, peanuts, and chocolate combine into the ultimate treat that is packed with tons of protein and none of the stuff you don't want.

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