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Sneak Peak of What is Coming!! (Updated September 16, 2021)

Updated: Sep 16, 2021

September 16, 2021: An Old Favorite Coming Back Very Soon!

We've just been given a head's up that our very favorite Limited Edition will be making a return very soon! Do you have any ideas which one?

Stay tunes and we will post as we have more information ,,, watch this space!

August 25, 2021: A New Flavour Coming Very Soon!

Things are happening in Built-land. Built may or may not have a new fruit cheesecake flavour coming very soon! Now remember that they do not ship white chocolate in the summer heat because of it's low melting point, so I think it's safe to say it will be an addition to their dark chocolate collection! Whatever the flavor, I cannot wait to try it, I'm sure to be amazing and loaded with the good proteins!

August 21, 2021: More Updates!

Talking to Built this week and here is some teaser tidbits of information for you!

  • The Million Dollar Giveaway competition that was run a while back, no one who entered got the correct combination. Built will be running this again, in the future. With 9 permanent flavours, it should be easier to guess. Last time around there were 18 flavours to choose from!!

  • Built may or may not be returning Apple Crisp in the very near future (and this may or may not have been reformulated to make it taste even better)!!

  • I asked about puffs, coconut brownie chunks and cookie dough chunks and there is no new information!!

August 5,2021: Sneaky Peak of what may be coming!

Talking to Built this afternoon and here is some teaser tidbits of information for you!

  • They are working on a kids line!

  • Built are currently working on cookie dough - so watch this space!

  • They are also working on vegan products, note products is plural, no details yet!!

  • Finally, Its possible that there may or may not be a new cherry flavour.

August 4, 2021: NEW FLAVOUR ALERT

UPDATE: Rocky Road will be available for 4 days starting at 12:00 AM MDT, Thursday, August 5 until midnight MDT, Sunday, August 8!! Built's next new flavor is going to be a Rock Road bar. This will be released soon and it is gluten free. This bar contains 4SP on any WW plan!!

I received my samples yesterday Tuesday, July 27 and they are amazing. They rival the Cookie Dough Chunks and the Coconut Brownie Chunks! The chunks just seem to take the bars to a whole other level.

June, 2021: SNEAK PEAKS

I have just got off a call with Built and I am able to share the following sneak peaks of what is coming with you. As more sneak peeks come out, I will share those too:

  • Built are working on a plant based bars that are totally vegan that will be released some time soon.

  • Cookie Dough Chunks, these may or may not be coming back in August!

  • Puffs, the marshmallow type bars that we all love, may or may not be coming back some time around Black Friday!

This is a huge tease, I know! As soon as I have firm details we will let you know!

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