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Salted Pretzel Built Bar Review

Please note these are not available at the moment, they sold out in about 3 hours earlier in the week.

I said I’d review them when I got mine, so here you go!

Inside is a vanilla base covered in pretzel pieces and I mean lots of pieces. The bar is covered in Built’s famous dark chocolate.

When you bite into the bar, you get a crunch from the pretzels. You then get the sweet and salty flavour combination, which tastes amazing!

Chewing it, I couldn’t really taste the vanilla, in combination it tasted like the salt of the pretzels and a very mild caramel flavour.

This bar was delicious and with the pretzel pieces it took it to a whole other level (a bit like cookie dough chunks and coconut brownie chunks)!

Would I buy them again, yes when they are next available. I only bought one box and my husband likes them too!

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