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March News: Brownie Batter Built Puffs & Yellow Chirm Mini Built Puffs

Built Brownie Batter Puffs Presale!

If you bought the Brownie Batter Puffs sample as a checkout offer recently, you'll get an email with a link allowing you to buy them in a presale! This email will be sent on Sunday and as a bonus, you'll get another checkout offer to buy a sample of Mini Yellow Chirp Puffs (see opposite). This will be in an 8ct sample box, the price isn't known yet.

The email you'll receive will contain a unique link, but enter the code LOUISE2020 when you checkout and it will give you another 10% off!

These mini puffs are a mild lemon flavor (not like the lemon dipped cheesecake) and are covered in what looks like white chocolate, it also looks like it might have a light dusting of something, sorry the screenshots I took aren't the best!

New Built Mini Yellow Chirp Puffs

No launch date is available yet for Built Yellow Chirp Puffs, but you'll be able to buy them as a checkout offer when you purchase Brownie Batter Puffs after their launch on Tuesday

These will be 80 calories, 6g sugar and 8g of protein. They will be in a 20ct box, but no price has been given yet.

Built Bar Flavors Returning in March!

The following flavors will be returning in March:

  • Banana Nut Bread

  • Caramel Brownie

  • Dark Chocolate Raspberry Cheesecake

Missing Built Bites

I know everyone loves and misses these! They will not be returning in March or April, Built has had so many people asking for them that they think something will come back at some point! Very ambiguous I know, that is all they would say!

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