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OVER: Brownie Batter Puffs Checkout Offer from Midnight MST Tonight!

Updated: Mar 11, 2022

NEWSFLASH: When you checkout after midnight MST tonight (Monday/Tuesday), there is a new checkout offer!

A sample of a brand new flavor of Built Puffs BROWNIE BATTER!

A 4 bar sample box of Brownie Batter Puffs for just 9.95 with your White Chocolate Shamrock purchase! This is definitely a flavor you don't want to miss out on! These are likely to sell out fast!

As always I’d really appreciate it if you use my referral link, it proves i'm sending people to Built’s website.


Workaround to get Only the Brownie Batter Puffs!

Add a box of Shamrock bars to your cart and go to the checkout. Add the Brownie Batter Puffs (checkout offer) to your cart. Go back and remove the Shamrock bars from your cart. you can increase the number of Brownie Batter Puffs samples, if you want. Check out normally!

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