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Brownie Batter Built Puffs - Coming Soon!!

Who has received their Brownie Batter Puffs? What do you think?

My sons found mine and love them, so the ones I have left, won’t last long.

For those who didn’t get them, 140 calories and 17g protein. 4 points for anyone who follows WW!

If you didn’t get them, the inside is chocolatey and tastes just like brownie batter. It tastes exactly the same as eating brownie batter from a bowl, except it’s better for you!

For those being careful (I have gall stones, so I’m with you). This is an awesome treat without driving your body crazy. If I can eat these, then I can quite happily ignore the brownies my husband buys.

As with all puffs, these contain collagen protein. Not only do they taste awesome, they’re good for your hair, skin and nails!!

I hope these come out soon!!

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